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In March 2000 an introductory meeting was held for EAEH members in Moorfields Eye Hospital London. The aim of this meeting was to look for similarities and differences among the institutes and to explore the possibilities of exchanging information and personnel as well as establishing closer co-operation between the institutes. The participants of the meeting identified similarities and differences in their working methods and agreed to set up a benchmark system.

In April 2000 the first EAEH benchmarking took place. During the annual board meeting several parameters were compared. The benchmark subject was the treatment pathway of the cataract patient. Data from up to nine hospitals were collected in this first benchmark research project in ophthalmology, the so-called EAEH Best Practice Survey .

Four EAEH members and five members of the colleague American Association of Eye and Ear Hospitals (AAEEH) participated in this benchmarking.

In July 2000 a start was made with a study to 'Suitable indicators for benchmarking of eye hospitals in an international context' in Rotterdam. The study has been carried out in co-operation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In July 2001 a set of thirteen suitable indicators have been presented to the board of the EAEH. The members decided to start benchmarking these indicators.



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