VISSUM Instituto Oftalmológico de Alicante

City: Alicante

Country: Spain

Number of yearly operations: unknown

Number of employees: unknown


The Instituto Oftalmológico of Alicante (IOA) has the integral medical quality of the best team; professionals of grate prestige able to listen, to diagnose and to make the most appropriate decisions in each case. To guarantee these maximum levels of sanitary quality it is indispensable to have the last technology confirmed as effective. And of cause sure.

The Instituto Oftalmológico of Alicante is the only European ophthalmological center with the highest qualification of sanitary quality credited by the Joint Commission in United States and the ISO 9001.

The satisfaction of thousands of people that have improved their quality of life endorses the effectiveness of the treatments applied in the IOA to correct all the anomalies of the vision.





General enquiries

0034 902 333 344